Back in the Spanish everyday zone (almost at least) - morning surf follow by studies in the afternoon and now off for some grocery shopping in town (yes we live on the country side now ;)) and then the gym is waiting tonight!

XO / J-C

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Such a incredible evening yesterday!
Wet cafe turned into a cinema for a night and it was a blast! Thanks again Noe for a mind blowing movie!

Film by: Noe Font

In the bubble: Aaron, Noe, Colleen, Craig, Stefan (and not in the picture, Tom)

Noe and he’s Dad!

All photos is taken by: Toby Bromwich



Tonight it's the premier of The Bubble film here in Tarifa at WET CAFÈ, 10pm.

It might be a kiteboarding film but far from everything else that ever has been made before. For over a year my boyfriend has been traveling around the world to film for this movie together with he's team mates. It's just incredible work Noe put into making this film.

Subscribe HERE to get a free copy of the film when it gets released, or of you are around Tarifa, come for the premier tonight!

In collaboration with Gina Tricot / My (OMG) outfit for tonight arrived just in time! What do you think?

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/ Some of today throw my phone - Kicked this morning of with a kickass juice! Just love the fruit and veggie season here in Spain! Yesterday i made a massive mango juice!! Hehe. Spent the morning doing emails, then went to Wet Cafe for a acai, jiizz what I have been missing those acai! yummi!

Afterwards I went for 3 kite sessions, haha can't believe it but since I got back from Mauritius I just been having longer or more sessions in one day. Just love beeing in the water and especially here in Tarifa when you still can kite in a shorty compare to Sweden last week, kiting in less than 10 degrees, hehe.

Finished off the day with a hour walk on the beach! Tomorrow more kiteing is waiting and studies too!

Hope you all had a great day! /

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/This post is a collaboration with Gina Tricot /

It's so much love going on right now, love to back in spain, love to be back with my boyfriend aafter a few weeks apart in different countries and love my new tee and skirt from Gina!

You find them HERE and HERE



/ This post is a collaboration with rebel walls /

Thanks to Rebel Walls I got the opportunity to dress my grey wall in a pretty pink.

Pink is everyones color, and there is so many different types of pink. I would say that I couldn't get a better mach with this one, it reminds me of the ocean and all the shells i collected around the globe, I absolutely love it.

Here it is, before and after.

What do you think?

/ Check out the full collection HERE /

/ check out the Agate wallpaper here /



Last day on the Swedish west coast for some time - our new home in Spain is calling and I can’t wait for tomorrow!

Ad links / pants - sweater from Gina Tricot / biker jacket from Acne studios



Hi Friends! I hope you all had a fantastic day!

I was supposed to start this day with a early kite session with my friend Caroline, but the wind dropped before 8 o'clock so instead, I fell back to sleep for another half a hour before I started all over again with a slow breakfast and replaying to emails :)

At 10 I had a really good meeting, wopwop! And straight afterwards I hurry home and made it just in time to watch the livestream before my boyfriends heat started in the world championship competition i Turkey.

Later on we went for a small adventure to check out my dads boathouse building projects (witch is a never ending process) but it's so nice to see and he's so proud of it hihi!

On the way back home I made a visit at the new store in town - For Good Luck !

Varberg has been stepping it up a lot in the past few years with good lunch places, bed and breakfast, cute flower shops and now this amazing and so inspiring shop! Finally it's here..

This!!! Love every little detail they out into it :)

The kitchen!

I just want all of the caftans.

The fitting room

The founders and owners of this awesomeness is Krickelin and Miranda!

Krickelin also happened to be my parents neighbour! Varberg might be growing but still it's a small town ;)

The desk, oh no the lamp!!!

So many godnesses! The bird rings are to die for (check them out here) Have to buy one of them, just have to decide witch one, hehe!!!

You might think the same as i do.. Can i move in pls?

If you not crossing Varberg anytime soon, you can still check out their webbshop HERE.